Property Management Services Budapest

We would be happy to manage your apartment, if you decide to work with our company in the future!

At present we manage more, than 120 apartments all over Budapest and average 96,7% of them are let (2016 March). Our company is on the market since 2003. Our main profile is the apartment management, but we are doing renovation and furnishing as well. Our company guarantees the efficient and quick administration, also the usual and detailed information in connection with the apartment.


...a picture from our office in the downtown of Budapest

If you choose our company, you can be sure about your apartment is in good hands and safety! 

Services we provide:


- Handover from the previous management company / owner / constructor

- Change of correspondence address with the utility companies / common representative

- Prepare of inventory list

- Collecting property keys

- Checking the average condition of the apartment


- As opposed to other agencies we do not ask the owner to hold a deposit fund with our company

- Favorable insurance package

- Full-scale insurance administration

- We provide detailed monthly settlement for the owners as opposed to generally established by several other companies

- We can recommend accountant and solicitor if needed

- Collecting the monthly rental fee from the tenant

- Collecting the utility costs from the tenant on a monthly basis - Reading utility meters and sending them to the providers

- Checking the apartment usually

- Arranging maintenance and cleaning basing on the previous discussion with the owner (we have our own maintenance team, what makes the works more efficient, quicker and cheaper)

- Signing lease agreement with the tenant (we are working with our own lease contract, what protects the owner’s rights and interests in every possible way)

- Arranging move-in and move-out process with the tenant (preparing inventory list, writing down the meter standings, checking the general condition of the apartment)

- Arranging the cleaning after the tenant’s move-out on the tenant’s cost, not to cause more costs to the owner than the necessary

- Claim tax number for the owner if necessary

- Mediation procedure between the owner and the tenant


- Advertising the apartment on several popular Hungarian and foreigner websites

- Advertising the apartment through letting agencies (our company is in contract with several – cca. 25-30 – letting agencies)

- In case of prematurely cancelled lease agreement, the proportional part of the letting commission will be paid back to the owner

- The letting commission is maximum for 12 months. As opposed to other letting agencies, in case of the tenant’s lease agreement extension we do not as for any extra fees!

- Advertising the apartment directly on our website, which is refreshed on a daily base!

- Arrange viewings for prospective tenants (we never give out keys to third party, a representative of our company is always at present)

- Informing the owner about the feedback during the viewings

- Offering the flat to bigger companies, who are in contact with us (MOL, Tesco, Audi, Alstom, ZTE, Sony, Unilever, Bosch, Siemens etc.)

If you are interested in working with our company in the future or have any question, please feel free to contact us! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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